Upcoming Programs


May 13, 5-7pm: An Evening of Diversions. More info coming soon!


Current Exhibition

The American Institute of Architects International Region Design Awards Pop-Up Exhibition
March 3-18

Join us at the historic Octagon Museum to view an exhibition of the distinguished award recipient projects of the American Institute of Architects International Region.  The exhibition will feature not only the most recent 2016 recipient projects but will include international Award winning designs from 2014 and 2015 as well.  In addition there will be an introduction to share the roles and objectives of the AIA IR to serve as a leadership platform to share best practice and design excellence globally.

In this third year for the AIA International Region Design Awards, the jurors selected submissions from four design categories – Architecture, Interior Architecture, Urban Design and Open International. As in all AIA Awards programs, full AIA licensed architects were welcome to submit to all categories. In addition, we continued to welcome all International Associate AIA members to submit to both the Urban Design and the Open International Categories. The latter category was specifically included to allow all AIA IR members to be recognized for architectural design solutions that are respectful of their local culture, unique programs and international context.

Three levels of awards were conferred with the highest recognition being Honor, the second being Merit and the third, Special Commendation, to recognize specific aspects of projects that the jurors deemed noteworthy.

The awards recognize design excellence and the ability of outstanding architecture to serve as an inspiration to our members throughout the International Region and the world.


Upcoming Exhibitions

The CODAworks CODAawards Exhibition
March 23rd-October 2017


Discover today’s best commissioned art. Featuring the winners of the 2016 CODAawards and the CODAvideo programs, the CODAawards Exhibition presents an international array of the world’s best site-specific design + art.

Come explore the concepts behind the work, their processes, and the collaborations that made these projects a reality.